A Clarifying Meditation on the Bus from Medicine Lake

If the bus is my life:

I am riding with many teachers all around me.
> Everyone in my life is a teacher.

The seat beside me is empty.
> He is gone.

I am sitting diagonal, with one foot in the space beside me.
> I am still occupying the space that was our life together.

My empty work coffee cup is in his seat pocket.
> I feel empty working without him.

I am not hungry or thirsty, but I am tired.
> I am healthy, but I need to rest.

In my seat pocket, there is a cheque to pay the bus driver.
> I already have the money set aside to pay my bills.

A book on creativity is sitting on my lap. I have finished reading half.
> I am halfway prepared to live a creative life.

It is autumn.
> I am in the fall of my life.

It is foggy.
> I can’t see into the future, what my life holds.

Everything is quiet.
> In the stillness I can hear my inner voice.

Two crows fly past.
> Two significant changes are in the wind.

The bus driver is taking us to our destination.
> I am being safely guided in the right direction at this time.


My thanks for originally publishing my piece: Life in 10 Minutes, on online writing community and literary space for short, brave, and true words.

1. I wrote this reflective piece just ten weeks after my husband died, during a time of heart pain and grief. It helped ground me in the present moment, and see my life as an objective witness.

2. The book I was reading on creativity was Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. Highly recommended!

3. I learned this meditation from my longtime personal friend, Irene Martina Actemichuk, an insightful clairvoyant medium and beautiful soul. Irene taught me so much, and left me with many gifts to share with others.

This meditation is very easy to do. Just spend a few minutes observing the present moment — use all your senses — and see what truth speaks to you. Let me know if you try it, and what you experience or perspective you may find.

2 thoughts on “A Clarifying Meditation on the Bus from Medicine Lake

    1. Let’s take a moment to recognize your strength, which has gotten you this far! I would love for you to try this exercise sometime, and let me know if you have any important insights for this next phase of your life. Writing this to you with love. xo

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