Love Letter

I have many loves. All the love that radiates from the people in my life — family and friends, kindred spirits online — spilling their light in such a natural, unassuming way. Just being themselves, allowing me to share pieces of their lives here and there: a good story, a laugh, a struggle, some tears, small victories. You would love this movie. Here, read this book. Listen to this song. Isn’t this painting sublime? And especially, I saw this and thought of you. You expand my world, introducing me to all of your found treasures. Now they are part of my own world of loves. Recognizing birdsong. Feeling a warm simple sunbeam on my head, or a cold wave rush over the top of my boots. Finding a small tumbled agate with such perfect tiny bands. That first morning coffee, a warm slice of bread. And oh, the perfect summer peach. Watching things grow, become, fade, and leave. Creating something with my own two hands. Finding the exact words to say: I love this. I love you. Carving these many loves into my heart, a driftwood poem to the world.

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