Paint a Carillon of Stars

Why I give you the best • last • only piece
for your hungry belly

wrap you in a blanket moon
tug softer on the wishbone
ask you what is in the forest

hold in my pocket
what was in your pocket

strive to be more like you
yet find myself evermore like me

find courage for the letting go
revel in an ordinary bliss
pour sunlight on your heart
surrender • remember • remind you who you are

I do these things from unfolding
love for you


Shining starlight to have my poem first published by Pomme Journal, January 2020. Put Into Words, My Love: Poetry & Prose

4 thoughts on “Paint a Carillon of Stars

  1. I waited until I had some quiet time to read this Karin. This absolutely beautiful. Thank you. Don’t stop, you have a gift!!! Cyndra

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