Haiku by Karin Hedetniemi

Published in 2022

desert winter sun
a dog curls her nap
along adobe walls

Red Alder Review
January 1, 2022 • Mid-Winter Haiku

Published in 2021

woodpecker tapping —
the steady click of
knitting needles

2nd Place
2020 Little Iris International Haiku Contest
THEME: Sustainability

migrating geese—
pulling threads
from a sweater

December 2021 • Issue 136

empty nest—
my fingertips linger
in the hollow

Akitsu Quarterly
Winter 2021

breath clouds
on a starry night
aurora borealis

Autumn Moon Haiku Journal
Autumn/Winter 2021-2022 • Issue 5:1

charity donation
buttoning your shirts
one last time

Nick Virgilio Haiku Association
Haiku-in-Action • Week 41

a new deer trail…
to my tulip stems

The Haiku Foundation
Aug 2021 Kukai • Honorable Mention

home from hospice
tall and wild

World Haiku Review
Summer 2021

first bouquet
of sweet peas—
her smile at the door

top step
on a shaky ladder—
sun-warmed peaches

Autumn Moon Haiku Journal
Spring/Summer 2021 • Issue 4:2

hummingbird flash—
ripe raspberry
on my tongue

Haiku Canada
2021 Members’ Anthology

low tide laps the shore—
children tugging
on a sleeve

The Tide Rises, The Tide Falls
April 2021

patchwork of clouds—
a dragonfly stitches
the world together

Royal City Literary Art Society
February 2021 • E-Zine Issue 81
Page 39

Published in 2020

pouring morning tea
I turn sensing your presence
in a doe’s soft stare

Red Alder Review
December 2020 • Mid-Winter Haiku