Selected Haiku by Karin Hedetniemi

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2023 Golden Triangle Haiku Contest • one of 200+ haiku selected for display in Washington, DC

home from hospice—
your empty cup
in the sink

Haiku Canada
3rd Prize • 2022 Betty Drevniok Award

long walk with a friend
picking stories
from blackberry bushes

Haiku Canada
Honourable Mention • 2022 Betty Drevniok Award

orange sun —
we share the newspaper
in equal segments

Honourable Mention
2021 A Little Iris Haiku Contest

desert winter sun
a dog curls her nap
along adobe walls

Red Alder Review
Mid-Winter Haiku • January 1, 2022

woodpecker tapping —
the steady click of
knitting needles

2nd Prize
2020 A Little Iris Haiku Contest