Published Works

Creative Nonfiction

Apple Bandits
(mac)ro(mic), December 2, 2020

Chasing Sachertorte
Still Point Arts Quarterly, Winter 2020: Food and Memory

Driving into the Sun
Moria, Issue 6, Fall 2020

A Clarifying Meditation on the Bus from Medicine Lake
Life in 10 Minutes, July 10, 2020

Magnolia Breath
The Cabinet of Heed, Stream of Consciousness – Drawer #6

Charring Light (PRINT)
Capsule Stories, Sleepless Rainy Nights, Issue 4, Spring 2020

The Tail of a Comet
Sky Island Journal, Issue 11, Winter 2020


Haiga (haiku + photograph)
Royal City Literary Arts Society, E-Zine, Issue 81, February 2021

Haiku (untitled)
Red Alder Review, Mid-Winter Haiku Issue, December 2020

Paint a Carillon of Stars (PRINT)
Pomme Journal: Put into Words, My Love, February 2020


Anchor Point (PRINT)
Door is a Jar Magazine, Issue 14, Spring 2020


Three Rivers Haiku Association
Second Place, 2020 Little Iris International Haiku Contest

Royal City Literary Arts Society
First Place, Nonfiction: 2020 WriteOn! Contest

Federation of BC Writers
Shortlist, 2017 Summer Fiction Contest


Cover Photo: “Tracks”
The Bitchin’ Kitsch
Winter 2020, Vol. 12, Issue 1

Photo Gallery: 4 Images
Parentheses Journal
Fall 2020, Issue 10

“Did You Get My Letter”
Photo Gallery: 19 Images

Barren Magazine
In Solitary Light, Issue 13