Published Works

Creative Nonfiction

The Tail of a Comet
Sky Island Journal, Issue 11, Winter 2020

Charring Light (PRINT)
Capsule Stories, Sleepless Rainy Nights, Issue 4, Spring 2020

Magnolia Breath
The Cabinet of Heed, Stream of Consciousness – Drawer #6

A Clarifying Meditation on the Bus from Medicine Lake
Life in 10 Minutes, July 10, 2020

Driving into the Sun
Moria, Issue 6, Fall 2020

Chasing Sachertorte
Still Point Arts Quarterly, Winter 2020: Food and Memory

Apple Bandits
(mac)ro(mic), December 2, 2020


“Did You Get My Letter”
Photo Gallery: 19 Images

Barren Magazine
In Solitary Light, Issue 13

Photo Gallery: 4 Images
Parentheses Journal
Fall 2020, Issue 10

Cover Photo: “Tracks”
The Bitchin’ Kitsch
Winter 2020, Vol. 12, Issue 1


Anchor Point (PRINT)
Door is a Jar Magazine, Issue 14, Spring 2020


Paint a Carillon of Stars (PRINT)
Pomme Journal: Put into Words, My Love

Haiku (untitled)
Red Alder Review, Mid-Winter Haiku Issue, December 2020


Royal City Literary Arts Society
First Place, Nonfiction: 2020 WriteOn! Contest