This is my new literary family. I am honoured to have my creative work published this year in:


Sky Island Journal
“The Tail of a Comet” **
Creative Nonfiction (first literary publication)
Issue 11, Winter 2020
A free online literary journal currently with 60,000 readers in 145 countries. This piece was one of 32 selected from 1,295 submissions for Issue 11.

** First Place Winner, Creative Nonfiction
Royal City Literary Arts Society, 2020 Write On! Contest

Pomme Journal: Put into Words, My Love
“Paint a Carillon of Stars” (Poem)
Pocket-sized (4″x6″) collection of 57 gender-neutral works.

Capsule Stories
“Charring Light” (Creative Nonfiction)
Sleepless Rainy Nights, Issue 4, Spring 2020
A print literary magazine publishing stories from the heart about love, identity, the self, the world, and the human condition.

Door is a Jar Magazine
“Anchor Point” (Fiction)
Issue 14, Spring 2020
A print and digital literary magazine focusing on writing accessible for all readers.

The Cabinet of Heed
“Magnolia Breath” (Creative Nonfiction)
Stream of Consciousness – Drawer #6
A free online literary journal currently read in over 130 countries.


Nightingale & Sparrow
Photography – including Cover Photo
Love, Issue 5, Feb 13-2020

Barren Magazine
“Did You Get My Letter” (Photo Gallery)
In Solitary Light, Issue 13, March 7-2020
An online literary magazine for “hard truths, long stares, and gritty lenses” on the human condition.

My work also appears in:

Paragraph Planet
“If it Should Rain on Your Wedding Day” (75-word flash)
(in archives: Dec 7, 2019)

Second Firsts
Guest Author:
Give Yourself Permission
The Return of Some Things Lost

And I’ve been so encouraged by:

Federation of BC Writers
Shortlisted: 2017 Summer Fiction Contest