Apple blossoms in spring

Haiku Published in 2023

Haiku by Karin Hedetniemi – Published in 2023

storm warning
stacking the hearth
with books

🌟 Award for Excellence • 12th Setouchi-Matsuyama International Photo Haiku Contest

moonless sky
a prairie pumpjack
stitches twilight into night

Honourable Mention •A Little Iris Haiku Contest, Croatia

hare on a hill
sunrise embers
in his ears

Honourable Mention • Basho’s Spring 2023 Contest

rolling clouds
summer slips through
one blue hole

Editor’s Choice • Poetry Pea, Podcast S6E26

winter midpoint
slightly more light
slightly more me

Haiku Canada 2023 Members’ Anthology

windswept slopes
ignite into stars —
wild camas

Haiku Society of America 2023 Members’ Anthology

starlight on the porch
he tunes the strings one last time
and hands me his guitar

Enchanted Garden Haiku Journal, Issue 1

spring high tide
waves of cherry blossoms
crash against the curb

Swirling Sakura Haiku Challenge • Consulate General of Japan, Toronto

scented breeze —
a woman’s blouse flutters
cutting wild fennel

Enchanted Garden Haiku Journal, Issue 2

fast rolling clouds
behind tall pines —
news of war

World Haiku Review, Spring 2023

fox tails brush the snow
painting fire on the sky
burning through the night

Heterodox Haiku Journal, Issue 2

vanishing snow
as if it never happened —
purple heather

Royal City Literary Arts Society, E-Zine Issue 97

time stops
you are briefly here
— doppelgänger

Haiku Canada BC-Territories Newsletter, Fall 2023